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Hey hey! How’s it going? Your girl Preet here with another blog post.  Today I am going to share 2 Picture Collage Maker apps that will make your images funkier for your social media.

Sometimes when you are out and about, at a company event, or have a lot of pictures you want to post, it can get a bit irritating when you upload picture after picture so a Picture Collage Maker is a good way to have all the pics in one.

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Picture Collage Maker App #1 – Photofy

The first Picture Collage Maker I am going to show you is an app called Photofy.  This app is my favourite app to make really cool images and it has a Picture Collage Maker section.  Watch the video below to see how easy it is to use the app.

Picture Collage Maker App | Photofy

Download Photofy for android here

Download Photofy for iOS here


Picture Collage Maker App #2 – Diptic

The second picture collage maker app is called Diptic.  I found a really cool review on YouTube which I have put below.  This video shows you all the features of Diptic and the ease of use.

Diptic is in the top 5 apps for picture image apps so it is a really good tool to have in your arsenal.  It is a paid app but the price is really low and worth the payment.

So the video above was shown on an android device and since I do not own an Apple device I thought it would be good to show you an app and how it’s used on the Apple devices too which is why I chose this video.

Picture Collage Maker App – Diptic

Download Diptic for Android here ($0.99)

Download Diptic for iOS here ($0.99)

So there you have my two favourite picture collage maker app that you can use to spruce up your social media images.  If you have a favourite app then let me in the comments below, I would love to see what everyone else is using 🙂

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