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Hey there Instagram marketer, how’s it going? Today we are going to be looking at the Instagram Queen April Marie Tucker and how she went from being a cocktail waitress to one of the most successful social media marketers out there.

When it comes to Instagram marketing there is none better than April Marie Tucker.  You can find her Instagram account HERE.  You can see she has 44.1K followers and always shares a ton of value.  She is also one of the leaders at My Lead System Pro where they have tons and tons of Instagram training for you which I will share in a second.

April Marie has been online for the last 6 years or so.  When she started online she was a cocktail waitress and a single mom of three at that time.  She wanted to make a change in her life and stumbled upon the network marketing industry.

She actually struggled for a while when she first got started.  She had no idea how to talk to people about joining her business, she struggled with how to get leads, how to talk to leads, how to prospect.  Having zero experience she feel flat on her face when she first started.

SHe then came across a marketing system which changed the whole essence of her marketing and now she is on the leaderboard and the leadership council within that system.  She has done so well that she went on to create her own products which now helps thousands of struggling network marketers.

I think the main lesson we can take away from April Marie is that focus and consistency on one aspect of your marketing can go a long way.  April chose a platform with which she was most comfortable and it made her successful.

She chose instagram! If you would like some free training from April Marie Tucker then click below so you can get started with Instagram and have your profile set up in the right way so you can start generating leads and sales the way that April does.

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As well as having her own products April is very active in the community and also advocates mindset training.  She has been on a few podcasts where she helps you get your mindset in shape in order to see the success you want and deserve in your life.

Below I have collected some of her podcasts so you can listen to April Marie Tucker and learn from her.  Get a pen and paper ready because she has a LOT of value to share

Wake up with April Marie Tucker – Mindset Traps You Need To Avoid

Wake up with April Marie Tucker – Home Biz Spring Cleaning

Wake up with April Marie Tucker – Top 10 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Wake up with April Marie Tucker – Secrets To Becoming a 90 Day Wonder

Wake up with April Marie Tucker – 10 Ways To Crush Your Limiting Beliefs

What did you think of those audios? Isn’t April just great?

Below I have curated some webinar replays with April Marie Tucker.  You can take these webinars and start applying what she teaches to your own business.  I hope they help you 🙂



So there you can see how up to date April is with Instagram Marketing.

If you liked the free training I shared above then you will love April Marie’s full Instagram Course. You are getting an unadvertised 7-Day Instagram Bootcamp Bonus to help you get leads within the next 7 days flat!

Click the image below to check it out.  If you are not interested then no biggie – the free training above will give you something to start with.  You can always come back if/when you are interested

I have shared a lot of training from April here today so if you want to follow her you can do so below.

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