Attraction Marketing Formula… can it help you?

Hey hey! You are probably on this blog post because you want to know more about the Attraction Marketing Formula before you go ahead and buy it, which is cool.

Today I will go over what the Attraction Marketing formula is, how it can help you, the price to get the formula (you will be shocked) and then of course a link for you to get it.

So who is the Attraction Marketing Formula for exactly?

It is a 186 page book written by top marketer Ferny Ceballos that is the definitive guide to attracting endless leads and reps into your business.  As we all know, if you do not have leads coming through, you have no one to talk to and so your business cannot grow.

Here is a look at the contents page so you can see what you will be getting when you purchase the attraction marketing formula.

What does Attraction Marketing even mean? Well it all boils down to this…

would you rather cold call and chase people to join your network marketing company


would you rather have people running after you and chasing you down because they WANT to join YOU?

I think I can hear you shouting out “I want people to chase me!” Which is great

Essentially the attraction marketing formula gives you a new way of looking at your business and gives you a step by step guide.  There is a lot of competition out there for new customers and reps and if you want to stand head and shoulders above the rest then you need to do something different right?

So what makes you stand out?

You become a teacher, an educator! If you can teach someone something that will help them go “aah that’s the answer I have been looking for” then guess what.. they are likely to give you their loyalty because you make their life easier.

That’s what the attraction marketing formula teaches you do but in a very simple and understandable manner.  So what happens when you buy the Attraction Marketing Formula course?

1 – You get access to a free 10 day Attraction Marketing Boot camp.  Videos and emails will be sent to you from Ferny (the creator of Attraction Marketing Formula) so you can go through the boot camp in the comfort of your home and they are there for you to go back and refer to any time you want.

2 – You will get the opportunity to buy the associated e-book (the book we spoke about above) the book costs $27 which I think is an extremely reasonable price for the information that is given in that book.  (CLICK HERE to buy the book)

If however, you sit there twiddling your thumbs wondering if you should buy it or not, the price will go up to $47 after an hour so honestly I would suggest picking up the book at the lower price but it’s up to you what you do 🙂

Are you ready to be flooded with potential new clients and reps? Can’t wait to hear about your success 🙂

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Gurpreet Tooray

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