So you are looking for a Facebook live marketing course? Let’s think about this for a second…

Have you ever seen a magician perform tricks?

When you are young or haven’t seen magic before you wonder what the heck is going on, right?

But when you investigate you figure out that its just sleight of hand or some other neat trick that the ‘magician’ is using to get you to see what he wants you to see.

All of a sudden the mystery of magic is taken away because guess what, you can figure out what he did and you can practice and do it too!

That’s what marketing on Facebook is like! If you use Facebook at all for your marketing then chances are you follow some of the big names in the industry.

And you find that when they do a Facebook Live video they have hundreds of people on the live stream and they are all commenting and interacting and when you go to do one….all you hear is crickets!


Facebook Live Video

According to 80% of audiences would rather watch a live stream than read a blog.

So what?

Well it’s harder to come up with blog content, write up the blog, do the SEO and make sure it gets ranked than it is to do a Live stream every day correct?

If you learnt how to do Facebook Live streams effectively you could reach a wider audience and go on to generate more leads and sales for your businesses whilst doing half the work.

Surely that is the better way to do business :- work smarter, not harder 

Using Facebook Live for Business

Contrary to popular belief there are loads of ways you can market using Facebook Live.

You have the option to go live from your Personal Page or from your business/Fan page so you can reach your various audiences

You can do interviews with people because you can split the screen now

You can do a live from literally anywhere you have an internet connection.

Going to a company event? Do a Live video

Hanging out at a mastermind? Do a Live video

Doing a home party for your products? Share some of it on a Live video

Are you picking up what I am putting on the table?

Facebook Live Marketing Course

So when I started doing Facebook Live videos I literally had an audience of….ZERO

I was nervous, I got online at the wrong times and my videos were boring!

I found myself interacting on other people’s live streams but no one did it on mine and it got irritating and a little bit frustrating.  So I stepped back and worked on my content.

Which, by the way is a big thing you need to think about! Talk about things related to your niche but things that people are looking answers for.

Okay so I had the content sorted out now how do I get the audience?

Well as luck would have it, I was on a live stream of a top marketer called Steven Rachel and he has some really awesome Live videos and he was talking about how to create engaging Facebook Live Marketing videos.

It really changed the way I do my Facebook Lives and I was finally starting to get engagement and views on my videos

The picture on the right is just one of the examples of my videos.  Now 201 views is definitely not as big as some of the big names out there its better than 0 right?

This video got me several leads and sales – so I am not complaining!

How did it all change for me?

That’s what I wanted to share with you today – I bought Steven Rachel’s Course “Straight Outta Facebook Live”

You need an EDGE over your competition and that is what this course gave me. So why should you consider this course?

If you are a beginner then this Facebook Live marketing course will show you how to set everything up on your android phones, iPhones and desktops with step by step instructions

It then goes a bit deeper – how to swap between your front and rear cameras (if you have them)

How to add filters, how to edit replays.

The course gives you access to tools that will allow you to “go live” on Facebook without actually being Live.  So if you are worried about how you look, you can prerecord a video, edit it how you want and then set it so it looks like you are going live – how cool is that?

Steven also teaches you how to do Green Screen videos (tip: you can use an old green sheet lying around the house).  By this stage you will be advanced enough to try this out and it is sooooo easy to do!

All of these tips and tricks go towards you getting a wider audience, people staying on your live streams, people interacting with you and also sharing your amazing videos.

The more they share the wider your audience and the more likely you are to come in front of someone who has what you are selling.

So if you are serious about making videos then I would highly recommend getting serious about using Facebook live videos and if you want to bump up the standard  of your videos then check out the course by clicking the image below

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Gurpreet Tooray

Internet Marketing Coach

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