One query that I see a lot from people in network marketing is  How To Use Facebook For Marketing to generate leads.  This is a great question because Facebook is a gold mine when it comes to lead generation.  It is used to cultivate relationships, engage in conversation, and share life experiences.

If you approach people properly and learn the ins and outs of using Facebook (both paid and free methods) then you can build a very large and very profitable network marketing business.

When I first started my online business about 5 years ago I had no idea how to use Facebook for marketing and I was spamming my links everywhere and needless to say I didn’t get very far.  Fast forward to today and by learning how to use Facebook for marketing my business, I am part of a team that has grown to 950 people strong!

Here’s a sneaky tip for you – On Thursday’s and Friday’s engagement on Facebook is 18% higher … sshh don’t tell anyone!

Would you like to learn how to take your business to new levels using Facebook? Yes? Then stay tuned and let’s get to it.  Facebook has 1.71 Billion monthly active users out of which 66.1% use it DAILY so there really is no shortage of people that you can be recruiting into your business.

How To Use Facebook For Marketing

If you use Facebook the right way, using the techniques I will share below then you will find, in no time you will have people reaching out to you asking to join you.  This is what we call attraction marketing.  You can find out more about Attraction Marketing by clicking here

How To Use Facebook For Marketing Step 1

Make sure you have your profile set up – A LOT of people really mess up this step.  Have a head-shot of your profile picture and an inspirational cover photo – DO NOT put up a company banner as your pictures.  You want to brand yourself not the company!

Make sure you fill out your ‘about’ section so people can get to know you – this is where you make your first impression.  If you have a spammy looking profile people will not want to engage with you.

How To Use Facebook For Marketing Step 2

Apply the 5 part recruiting formula as laid out below

(a) Create your post – offer posts of value.  Share knowledge, ask questions to get engagement, share recipes, travel tips, money tips, how to videos, memes, stories, testimonials, lifestyle pictures, something that demonstrates your expertise; whatever you are interested in but make sure you are NOT selling and not advertising on your timeline – this includes posts about your products! 

People do not come onto Facebook to be sold! 

(b) Connect with people – Comment on people’s posts – take a genuine interest in their life.

Use Facebook messenger to talk to people – use the voice record feature in messenger.. its far more effective than just sending a text based message.

Your goal is to get people on a call and the only way you can do that is to take an interest in their lives and then share your experience without mentioning your products and company – create curiosity so that they come and ask you what you have got going on.

Ask questions to create engagement and peak their interest.

(c) Identify – Not everyone is going to be a right fit for your business, so your content gets people reaching out to you but what you say when you reach out to them is important because it will help sift out the right people for your business.  You need to identify who you are targeting

You need to see if they are open to looking at your products/opportunity

Do they even have a need for your product or service.(if they don’t need it then do not force it)

(d) Invite – Once you can see that someone has expressed interest in your posts i.e. they commented or they liked a post then it is your job to take them from online to offline.  Some examples below may help you out:

Hey Sam, I saw you commented on my post and you had some questions about the products I use. I’m happy to chat further offline. What’s a good number to reach you? I will have 5 minutes available at 3pm or 8pm tonight, what works best for you?

Good Afternoon Lisa…I’ve been seeing all your post and admire what you’ve accomplished in the Fitness community. Women need a community and you definitely have built that for them. Congratulations to all your success. Quick question, have you ever considered adding a nutrition line to help your clients? I’ve successfully partnered with other gyms that help their clients great results faster utilizing our product line. It’s also resulted in the gym increasing their bottom line significantly. I’m not sure if this is for you… but I feel once you take a look you’ll be impressed. Can I send you information or better yet, set up a 10 minute call so I can explain further?

The key when talking to people and learning how to use Facebook for marketing is to find something in common with the person you are talking to.  Have a quick look at their profile before you start a conversation – are you from the same area, do you both have kids, are they of the same age etc.

Whenever you talk to someone always end your side of the conversation with a question which means they will reply so you can keep the conversation going and get them to a point where you have their permission to send them a link.

Don’t worry about having a script – a lot of people can tell when you are using a script so be YOU, be genuine with people.

(e) Schedule the Follow up – If you have got to a point in the conversation where they have asked for your link always ask them if they have time to watch it now.  If they say yes then say something like Great, the video is x minutes long so I will get back to you then.

If they cannot watch right there and then then ask them when they will have time to watch the video and then schedule a time when you will follow up with them.  Always remember people are in different time zones so make sure you are both on the same page with regards to time.

How To Use Facebook for Marketing Step 3

Make sure you are posting enough on Facebook so that people can see what you have got going on.  I would say a good amount would be at least 3 times a day.  You can and should vary the types of posts:

Inspirational and motivation quotes

Questions that you want your target market to answer

Photos of you and your lifestyle

Success stories from people on your team (take out your company name)

Before and after stories (great for weight loss niche/creams/makeup)

What’s for dinner? A picture of your food or the restaurant

All of these things let people into your life and go a long way to building the know like and trust factor without which people will never buy from you.

The bottom like is to keep building your list – that’s where the money is!  Make new friends every day and set aside a couple of hours each day to talk and follow up with people who message you.  If no one sees your presentation then how will you ever sign people up?

If you need more help in recruiting people then I really recommend the course below by Ray Higdon.  Total recruiting mastery! From this day on you never have to worry about recruiting anymore because Ray shares is secrets and how you can use these techniques to sign people into your business 😀

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