Hey there Instagram Marketer – Want to learn how to grow your instagram business profile?

Today I am going to share with you… must have Instagram tools that you can keep on your devices so that you can use these when you want.  You don’t have to use every time but I wanted to make you aware that they exist.

Have you considered using tools? A lot of marketers do not realise the power of using the power of Instagram to grow your business.  Did you know that Instagram has 600 Million ACTIVE monthly followers – that’s a hell of a lot of people who could potentially be a customer!

These tools will help you with your instagram business profile by making your pictures pop, making you more aware of your analytics, and making awesome images

Having the right tools can help grow your account drastically so in this article I have outlined these tools that will help you grow your instagram business profile in the best way

Tools To Grow Your Instagram Business Profile

So the first place I would start is by telling you that you need a good name for your brand.  You don’t want it to be too long otherwise people will not remember it and you also want it to be related to your niche.

This is where the website Spinxo comes in.  You can see from the image below you put in some information your hobbies and the things you like and it will spin an Instagram username for you so it’s definitely worth a look.


Instagram is all about the visuals but you have to be careful that the images you use are royalty free.  If you see a picture and it has a CC0 license then you are fine to use it without someone coming at you telling you to take the picture down because of copyright issues.

So here are a few places that I get my images from






Next let’s talk about the type of Keyboard you should be using on your mobile device.  I highly recommend the Swiftkey app.  This is a very intuitive keyboard and it learns the way you type so when it comes to writing captions under your pictures it will load with what it thinks you are going to type.

Trust me this saves a lot of time and headache.  You can teach it to learn certain instagram profiles so if you do shout outs and you can’t quite remember the name, the keyboard will most likely bring it up for you because you told it to beforehand.

You can download the app from the google play store here

and from the Apple store here

At the time of writing this blog post the app is free to download and use.


Making your images pop will do you many favors.  There are a bunch of apps you can use that will help you enhance your images so they stand out.

Here are a few that you can use:

Snapseed – You can do both basic and enhanced adjustments to your images.  Below is a video that I cut for you to show you how to navigate the app and what it can do for your images.

You can download the app from the google play store here

and the Apple Store here

Other than Snapseed my other go to app is:

Photofy (one of my favorites) Download from Play store here and Apple store here


People have a horrible habit of taking other people’s work and claiming it as their own, such is the world we live in lol but there is something you can do to protect your images.

Certain apps let you put watermarks on your images so if people try to steal them then your brand or your logo is on the image.  Photofy (the app listed above) has a good function that allows you to put your social media handles on your images.

You can see one of these images below where I have put my handle quite near the quote so its more difficult to remove.  Of course I am a big Cillian Murphy fan so I had to choose this Instagram post that I created.

Any other Peaky Blinders Fan out there? Highly recommended show! Go watch it (after you have finished reading my bog post) haha

Anyway so you can see that I have put my Instagram handle (@homebizhelp) relatively close to the quote.


Another App that you can use is Add WaterMark.  This is a great app which allows you to add either a text based or an image based watermark to your pictures.

You can download it from the Google Play store here

Unfortunately this app is not available on IOS so instead you can download an App which is just as good called iWatermark which you can download here

So there were some Apps that you can use to enhance your Instagram business profile.  These tools should be in every Instagram marketers mobile device.

Now that you have the tools, you need to know how to use Instagram in the most effective way to start generating leads and sales because Instagram is an absolute GOLD MINE when it comes to buyers.

The average Instagram buyer spends $65 on the platform so there is a great potential for you to make a good revenue.  Check out this free training from Instagram Marketing Queen April Marie Tucker who does an “over the shoulder” video so you can follow along on your phone and get your account set up in the best way.

Click the image below to get access to the 100% Free Training

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