Do you have an MLM Marketing Plan? I remember like it was yesterday… dead of night.

I could hear the clock ticking just audible over my sniffling and crying.  I was in a bad position financially and I needed a way out. What could I do that would help me catch that break?

I needed a plan and I needed one NOW!

So I hopped online and went to our good old friend Google.  A few searches of “how to make money online” and a few days later I had joined up with my first ever network marketing company.

This is it, I thought to myself, this is the big one!

3 years later and all I had made was a measly $25! WHAT? I have put time and effort and money into this business… how am I not in profit?

Then it hit me… I didn’t have an MLM Marketing Plan!

You see the thing I didn’t understand, and the thing a lot of new people in this industry don’t understand is that without an mlm marketing plan you are just bobbing up and down in the sea without any direction or land in sight to speak of (and that can be scary and very lonely).

When it comes to building your MLM company one of the main things you need to understand is that not everyone is made to join your business, and you are not going to be a good fit for some people.

You need to be okay with that concept because you will come across a lot of rejections in this industry, but if you can pick yourself up and dust yourself off and move onto the next person then trust me… you will reach your goal.

What happened without an MLM Marketing Plan?

So there I was… 3 years in and nothing to show for it but I knew that this was where I was meant to be.  I happened to be talking to a friend who told me about a marketing system that would give me all the training I needed in order to start making this business work for me and not against me.

Well I thought, nothing else is working lets give this a shot.

Would you like to know what this marketing plan taught me?

YES! Good…

The best MLM Marketing Plan you can have is to…. not talk about your MLM!

It sounds counter-intuitive I know but bear with me.  Let’s say you are out there on social media (my preferred platform is Facebook, what’s yours? Let me know in the comments below) how many new people are you talking to every single day?

My advice would be talk to 10 new people every single day.  Now this does not mean show your affiliate link to 10 new people.. i just mean reach out and say hi and start a conversation with 10 new people every single day.

As time goes on and the relationship builds, some of these conversations will turn into friends.  Why? I hear you ask..

Well… when someone becomes your Facebook friend, what happens? When you post something…. yup,you got it, it shows up in their news feed so guess what.. your name will be in front of them and you stay in their mind.  That is a powerful place to be, trust me!

Now, as you are adding new people to your social media you have new eyeballs every single day to your posts.  Which leads me to the next bit of the MLM Marketing Plan….

Have a variety of posts.

Don’t just post about your business opportunity all the time.. people will get turned off very easily.  Let’s say you are in the make up niche.  One of things you could do is get on with doing Facebook Live videos.

These are awesome.  So if you are in the make up niche then maybe do a video showing you how to use certain make up brushes/ how to apply eye liner/how to apply smokey eye-shadow etc.  Then you can have your affiliate link so people can buy the tools that you used in your video.

What you are doing here is letting people have a choice rather than forcing them to join you or buy your products.  The more you help someone the more loyal they are to you.

If you are in the health wellness niche then you could do videos about your products showing what they are, how they can help and then informing people about topics within your niche, telling people stories about how your products helped you – be a customer of your own products so you have stories to share with people.  Then you direct them to your product affiliate links so they can purchase.

Is this making sense so far? I hope so 🙂 If not shoot me a quick message on Facebook and I will be more than happy to jump on a call with you to explain it better.

by the way.. see What I have done there? I am giving you information that is going to help your business grow and then I have given you the choice to talk to me or not.  Either way I am grateful for you being on this blog post and some of you will take me up on the offer to talk to me but don’t be scared about reaching out I am not going to force you to join my company haha

So back to the plan… As well as your videos, post about your life.. let people know that you are just like them and if you can do it then so can they! People want to know that this is do-able.

Post quotes and inspiration! Become a person who exudes happiness and someone who people want to be around and they can’t wait to see your posts in their news feeds. Leave your problems and dirty laundry offline.  You are in business.. act like it.

Be consistent! The more consistent you are and the more content and value you are pumping out people will naturally start coming to you for help why? because out of all the other make up reps out there (or whatever niche you are in), you are the only one who is bothering to take the time to teach people something.

Be friendly –  What I mean here is, if someone likes or comments on one of your posts, go out there and start a conversation with them.  Thank them for liking the post.  Ask them how their day has been… be a friend not a spammer.

I have people sending me private messages all the time asking what I am up to and if I can help them generate leads for their businesses.  This brings me to my next point…

How do you profit off of someone who is already in an MLM and doesn’t want to change companies?

For me, this is the most exciting question that you can ask because oh man if you understand this part of the mlm marketing plan you are set for life!

Did you realize that although you are talking to people and making new friends, about 90% of them will NEVER join your mlm company!?! It’s true.  This is because they are happy in their companies and they don’t want to change. So why go through all the effort I hear you ask..

Well here is what I do… ready? This is going to blow you away…

Once I become friends with someone I will ask them the usual questions to gauge how happy they are with their companies.  When I find out they are happy I ask the next biggest question… (a question that I already know the answer to because I know my market)…

How is your lead generation?

90% of the people in network marketing find it difficult to generate leads and this is such an important part of the process because without leads who are you going to talk to, to sell them your products and/or opportunity?

You need people interested in what you have to offer… that’s business, correct? So when 9/10 people tell me their lead generation is bad I don’t direct them towards my MLM company I direct them to …

A Marketing System!

What marketing systems do is put you in touch with a community who are going through the same things you could be going through.  They help to teach you how to build a community of people around you who know like and trust you enough to want to buy from you.

Have you ever been in that situation where you are in a company for a number of years, and then some one new joins up and within 3 months they are topping your leader boards while you are still struggling to generate leads?

The reason behind this is because they have that network of people who are buying from them.  So a big part of your MLM Marketing Plan should be to be part of a marketing system.

Something that network marketers think they can get away with is not educating themselves on how to build teams, how to talk to people and how to get people to buy from you.

Marketing systems give you the education you need so you can take those skills and apply them to you own businesses and you will see that in actual fact, it doesn’t matter what company you are with or what you are selling, if you know how to make connections and build networks, you and your family will never go hungry again.

Ready to join a marketing system and get your MLM Marketing Plan put in place?

Message me here on Facebook and let me know you read this blog post and you want to know more.

I will hop on a video call with you and show the back office and what to expect and if you want, as a thank you from me to you, I can put you in touch with my 8 figure mentor so we can all learn and earn together.

Sound good? Message me right now and let’s talk 😀


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