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Hey Hey! How’s it going? Thanks for coming to check me out.  This page is dedicated to my story of how I came to work online and what makes me… well me 🙂

My full name is Gurpreet Tooray but please, call me Preet – its easier to say and all my friends call me Preet 🙂

I started working in the network marketing industry about 5 years ago when I found myself in a financial rut.  I am a medical student so I work online part time and I love it.

A few years ago I found myself nearly being kicked out of my apartment with no food and I had no idea where my next bit of money was going to come from.  My parents help me with my Uni fees but I already felt bad about asking them for financial help and I didn’t want to bug them any further.

I would stay awake most nights, wondering what I could do to help myself financially and that’s when one night I got onto Google and typed in those words we have all probably typed in at some point

“How can I make money Online”

I came across a few options and I actually started out doing transcription work but this became time-consuming and with my university work it got harder and harder to maintain the work.  Not only that, but by the end of the day my wrists were in a lot of pain due to all the typing.

Surely there was another way?

I then came across a company and I really liked what I saw.  I invested whatever little money I had because I believed this was what is going to help me.  I got plugged in, did everything I was told to do but a year later I was still not making money.  I had a few people join my downline but they left and I could not figure out what I was doing wrong.

I decided to take a step back and look at my marketing and that where I came across the attraction marketing system I now use and through that I came across my new primary company where I am very very happy.

Finally things were working out and I now have a team of my own – I am glad I didn’t give up on my dreams and I hope that you don’t either.  There are so many tools out there and resources that will work for you, you just have to find them and that’s what I hope happens with this blog.

My aim and vision is to help others who are in the same sort of position that I was in just a few years ago.  If I had the training back then it would have been a completely different story but this is what makes us who we are, agreed?

I am friendly and I love meeting new people so make sure you come over to my Facebook or email me at to say hi.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask – I am here to help 🙂  You can contact me using the form below


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