Network Marketing Recruiting…. do you suck at it?

Trust me I know how you feel! A little over a year ago I was in exactly the same position as you! I was really bad at Network Marketing Recruiting and I just could not for the life of me grow my team.

You are part of an amazing opportunity with amazing products but you just cannot get people to hand over their credit cards.  How amazing would it be if you didn’t have to beg and plead with people to do business with you?

In today’s blog post I am going to share with your some network marketing recruiting tips using the power of video calls.  Now this is going to require you to get out of your comfort zone but hey you made it this far.. why not one step further?

It takes guts to want to go into business for yourself and to have the ability to stay in this industry even though some family members and friends will try and talk you out of it so… well done! (I am patting you on the back)

Right lets get on with some network marketing recruiting…

In order to build your teams you need to build a community of people who know, like and trust you online.  The fastest way for you to do that is to get on a video!

You are going to have people from all around the world joining your teams and you cannot physically fly out and meet every single person (unless of course you want to) so the next big thing until such a time where you can meet would be to let them see you on a video.

By doing videos and letting people see the authentic you you build up enough of the know, like, and trust factor enough to the point where people feel comfortable enough reaching out to you for your help and advice.

You get to a point where the company you are with doesn’t matter anymore – it’s all about the value you are providing.

So the best way you can get out there on Video, I think, is Facebook Live! Facebook live really has taken the industry by storm and a lot of new features are rolling out for it.

There are literally billions of people on Facebook so where better to start than where your target audience is hanging out? If you want to get good at network marketing recruiting then go where your target market hangs out.  Be around them, talk to them!

Here is a video that you will want to watch.  There is a lot of nuggets in here regarding network marketing recruiting using the power of videos

In the video above Cari and Whit talk about how Elite Marketing Pro helped them earn a full time income.

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I hope you got some value from the video above.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me, I will be more than happy to answer your questions 😀

Have a great day

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