This is a question that I think we need to ask…. why do people fail in mlm?

The network marketing and MLM industry is such an amazing industry and one that I am so glad I have found.

It is lucrative and really has the potential to give you a life of freedom…

…. and people are joining every single day.

I was on the live stream of the recent Go Pro Event by Eric Worre and he gave us some amazing statistics about the trends in network marketing.

Why Do People Fail in MLM?

Trends in Annual Sales in Network Marketing

So with statistics such as this as shown on the left, and the popularity of network marketing and MLM why do people fail in mlm?

Where are people going wrong? Because we know that the systems work.  I have made money online and my team has made money online so why can’t others.

That is what we are going to be looking at in today’s video below.

Why Do People Fail in MLM?

This video is a recording I did of one of my Facebook Live videos


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Shall we answer the question Why Do People Fail in MLM now? From the video we explored a lot of reasons but I think we can all say that without using Attraction Marketing your business really is doomed.

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